Both Teams To Score In-Play Strategy

It took a long time for the penny to drop but betting on the H/D/A (Home/Draw/Away) market is not the easiest way to profit long term when betting on football.

Any team can beat any team, especially in these COVID-19 times and for leagues like Ligue 1: there is really no value betting on teams like PSG.

An ‘easier’ way to profit from football is on the goals market and one of our favourite football betting strategies is the Both Teams To Score market.

Follow this simple strategy to dramatically increase your profits over the season and beyond.

It doesn’t matter who wins the match or if it ends in a draw, you just need both teams to score. This bet also lasts the full 90 minutes.

You can search various websites for football statistics but that is too time-consuming for us. With just a few clicks we can access to the data below using Goal Profits.

How Do We Find Qualifying Bets?

As already mentioned there are free websites on the internet but if you value your time and want access to data angles that you won’t find anywhere else we recommend using Goal Profits (You can try for 7 days for £1). It will give you the edge you need over the crowd.

Placing Your Bets On The Exchange

Using the table below (takes just a couple of clicks) we can see the Both Teams To Score percentage for any of tonight’s matches (up to 5 days in advance).

The top qualifier is Hemel Hempstead Town v Oxford City with a 92% chance of Both Teams scoring.

Say we bet £10.00 at 1.6, we would win £6.00 (minus any commissions). For a 92% chance that isn’t a bad price BUT for this strategy we wait and bet in-play. Just waiting 15 minutes will drastically increase your profits over a season.

We wait until the price hits 1.9 in-play (probably around 15 minutes) increasing our potential profit by 50%. The closer you can get to 2.0 (and over) the more chance you have from profiting long-term.

Bet In-Play Automatically

You don’t have to watch the game, or have access to your computer (or smartphone) to place the bet in-play. Before kick-off, replace the 1.6 on the both teams to score market with 1.9 (you can add any odds you wish) and click the Keep button shown below.

When the match kicks off (and assuming no goal has been scored) your unmatched bet will be matched automatically at 1.9.

What Happens If A Goal Is Scored Before Placing Our Bet?

If a goal is scored before you are matched you simply move on to the next bet. There will be numerous times when a team scores early and both teams go on to score, however, there will also be a high percentage when they don’t. This will probably even itself out over a season.

Both Teams To Score In-Play Quick Recap

Find matches with a high percentage of Both Teams scoringEither wait (around) 15 minutes and place your BTTS bet at the improved odds orSet up your bet pre-match and click on the Keep buttonYou have the option of ‘Greening Up’ and having a free bet on BTTS

We recommend you read our Goal Profits review and how they will help you change your football betting forever.

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